Terms & Conditions

By using our services you are acknowledging acceptance of our terms and conditions, and you are giving consent for us to apply an identifying temporary item tag, radio-frequency identification tag (RFID), bar code or permanent heat seal label (HSL) as we deem appropriate for the material and construction of each item.

An RFID tag is equivalent in size to a 5 pence piece, and is a passive device which does not have an in-built energy source. A tag alone emits no waves and poses absolutely no danger and only communicates when it comes within the electromagnetic field of an RFID reader.

Silk ties, belts, buttons, plastic poppers, buckles & zips

Some of these items may be adversely affected by the cleaning process even when cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and these items are cleaned at owners risk. 

Please note that we use commercial roller-iron finishing equipment for our flatwork laundry service. Plastic poppers and buttons on duvet covers and pillow slips should be manufactured to withstand standard commercial laundry finishing processes without melting or cracking and we cannot be held responsible for any failure of these components during the laundry process. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Our Customer Care Promise

  1. We shall look after customer's goods brought to us for cleaning with appropriate care and consideration.
  2. If in the view of the customer the cleaning of an item is not wholly acceptable, we shall look into the complaint and if requested re-clean the item without additional charge.
  3. In the event of a clear error on our part, we shall arrange fair and reasonable financial settlement.
  4. Endeavour for all employees to be polite and informative when assisting with customer enquiries.
  5. Present our retail outlets and transport vehicles in a well maintained condition.
  6. Provide a fair quality of service to our customers in keeping with the costs required.
  7. Present a price summary guide for regular garment cleaning in all our stores.
  8. To ensure customer's items are available to be returned to them when indicated, where in our control.
  9. We agree to accept the findings of a recognised independent laboratory report as a method of resolving cleaning concerns and will meet the cost of the report if we are found to be soley at fault.

Claims & Limit of Liability

In order to process a claim you will need to provide the age of the item and proof of purchase. In the absence of proof of purchase in the event of a claim where we are solely at fault we reserve the right in the first instance to make an interim payment equivalent to 50% of the claimed replacement cost. Should proof of purchase subsequently be provided we will then settle the claim in line with accepted industry standards.

Collection & Delivery

When we collect an order from you we ask you to provide a list of the items you have given us. In the absence of such a list, our count will be considered final.

Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Whilst all reasonable care is taken, occasionally cleaning problems arise through circumstances beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for:-

Shrinkage - reputable fabric manufacturers and soft furnishing retailers advise their customers to expect up to 5% ‘relaxation’ shrinkage during cleaning, even when cleaned correctly in accordance with the care label instructions. Relaxation shrinkage originates from the release of machine loom tensions from spinning and weaving, particularly during the first few cleans, and British Standards expect natural relaxation to occur. For this reason manufacturers add extra material in curtain hems to allow for adjustment after cleaning. Relaxation shrinkage cannot be predicted or prevented by the curtain cleaner. It is a manufacturing problem, not a cleaning fault.

Fading - sunlight, atmospheric conditions, heat, damp and cold can react on colours, both changing and fading some fabrics. Once surface soil is removed these differences may be more visible.

Stains - conditions prevailing during use can cause stains to set, which may be highlighted after cleaning.

Linings - taking the brunt of sunlight and other conditions they will in time weaken and may shred after dry cleaning or washing. It is not always possible to predict this. Thermal linings in particular can present problems of delamination once degraded.

Owner's Risk

Some silks, buckles and zips may be adversely effected by the cleaning process and these items are cleaned at owner's risk. This does not effect your statutory rights.

There are occasions when we are asked to clean items that we believe may be problematic and we want to be sure that you understand the risks involved. Wherever possible we will discuss our concerns with you and if you still want us to proceed we will ask you to sign an owner's risk form

Full owner's risk mean's that we will not take responsibility should something go wrong after you have been warned of the potential risks. Whilst we will try to give you a realistic expectation of the likely outcome, it is sometimes difficult to anticipate how materials and stains will react during processing. This may mean that a problem we didn't or couldn't foresee might happen.

Of course we don't want things to go wrong. However if we tell you that we will only clean your item(s) on an owner's risk basis, you need to have realistic expectations that a problem may occur.

Full owner's risk does not negate our responsibility to handle an item in a professional manner, or to use the most appropriate process to achieve the best possible result.

Examples of situations when we require owner's risk:

  • When there is no care label.
  • When the care label gives conflicting instructions.
  • When we know that we have had problems in the past with similar items: for example polyurethane content, hand made items, decorative trims.
  • When there is evidence of wear and tear and we are concerned that the item might fail in the cleaning process.
  • When there is a strong possibility of colour loss whilst attempting stain removal techniques. 
  • When D.I.Y stain removal has been attempted before being brought to us for rectification.

Service Wash

You will find this our most competitive priced laundry service for items to be washed, tumble dried and folded and returned in your own bag.

  • Service wash items are not ironed, although we do provide a separate ironing service should you require it at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Please ask in-store for details.
  • Service wash is charged by the kilogram dry weight with a minimum charge of 2 KG.
  • We do ask that you check the pockets for any pens etc. and sort your laundry into separate light and dark loads to avoid colour transfer. 
  • Please note that there is always a risk of shrinkage or colour run during the laundry process.
  • Unfortunately, whilst our staff will endeavour to carry out checks, we do not accept any responsibility for damage caused as a result of mixed loads, or for garments that have specific care requirements such as; DRY CLEAN ONLY, HAND WASH ONLY or DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

By using our Service Wash you acknowledge acceptance of the above terms and conditions and understand that you are leaving items to be processed entirely at your own risk.

Storage of Customer goods

We will keep customer goods on the premises for a period of at least 3 months from the date of deposit. After 3 months items might be removed to central storage.

Items not collected within 12 months of being deposited will be donated to charity.

return of goods

Please raise any concerns you may have regarding an item as soon as possible to help give us the best possible chance to resolve any issues or concerns raised. Should there be a problem with an item following cleaning, it should be returned to the store where it was originally deposited within 3 months of the date of cleaning, with the relevant cleaning tickets still attached.


Coupons may only be used at the store of issue. Please hand coupon to cashier to be scanned and retained by Solent Cleaners. Any required spend must be made in one transaction. 2 for 1 offer lowest price item free. Only original coupons will be accepted - photocopies and duplicates are not eligible. Coupons have no cash value and will not be exchanged for cash. No change will be given.