Duvet Washing

Our commercial machines make light work of any size duvet.

So don’t overload your domestic washing machine and tumble dryer when we can process your duvets in our specialist washer extractors and dryers, leaving them soft, fresh, clean and hygienic. You even get them back in a breathable storage bag with a convenient carry handle for you to keep and return your duvet in next time it needs freshening up!

Duvet Laundry

And if you’ve never thought of having your duvet cleaned before, because you always clean the covers and sheets, here’s the yucky bit!

No matter how clean your home is, you’re bound to be sharing it with millions of microscopic dust mites.

It’s not a pleasant thought, but these mites live in the dust that accumulates in carpets, fabrics and bedding and they thrive in the bedroom, which provides the best conditions of warmth, humidity, and food for their growth.

The good news is that cleaning your duvets and bed linen regularly is not only hygienic, but will also help to reduce the numbers of dust mites and other particulate that may aggravate allergies and asthma.