Wedding Dresses

Treasured memories

A wedding dress is probably the most precious garment a woman will ever wear, and quite possibly the most expensive, and so demands expert cleaning.

At Solent Cleaners we provide the individual attention and personal care you need, and we use only the safest products to preserve your precious memories. Our experts will ensure that each wedding dress is treated with the care it deserves at every stage, then cleaned and hand finished to the highest possible standards.

Wedding Dress

Examination and Cleaning

We will choose the appropriate cleaning process only after discussion with yourself. This may be either dry cleaning or a wet cleaning process depending on the type of dress, the trimming and the degree of soiling or staining present. To ensure that the best possible cleaning results are achieved we strongly recommend that you bring in your dress for cleaning as soon after your wedding as possible. This is to avoid the possibility of irreparable damage being caused to the materials by leaving stains untreated. On receipt all garments are inspected at the counter, so that any apparent water, and alcohol or sugar based stains can be identified for treatment by our skilled pre-spotters prior to cleaning.

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Collection & Delivery (selected areas) Groomsmen & bridesmaids

We also clean bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits!