Wedding Dresses (continued)


Boxing & Preservation

A Wedding Dress Box protects your dress in the most traditional and natural way possible, by helping to prevent the potentially harmful effects of our surroundings from reaching your dress, thereby keeping it safe and looking fantastic for years to come.

Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress Box is made from specially milled pH neutral board, which means it does not contain acid or alkali. Most items around us, such as wood, cardboard of a normal box, dyes in fabrics, all contain acid.

If a wedding dress is in contact with such items, the acid will affect the fabric and cause “yellowing” or discolouration to appear after several years. The Wedding Dress Box, combined with the acid free tissue will provide a pH neutral and safe environment in which to keep your dress.

Because The Wedding Dress Box is the most beautiful and romantic way that you will find to preserve your wedding dress, there is no longer a need to store in the attic where it could be susceptible to disasters such as a leaking roof. Your Dress Box can be kept as a pretty feature in the bedroom, and this in itself will keep your dress in a more stable temperature and reliable environment.


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